Types of Email Marketing

Types of email marketing is all about exploring different types of email marketing and how you can scale at each of them.

Mailsend’s types of email marketing deals with various forms of email marketing and how businesses should leverage them.

Email marketing is all about building relationships with leads, customers, and subscribers. It’s essential to build meaningful conversations with them through high-quality engaging content. There are, usually, two types of email marketing, Engagement Emails and Transactional Emails.

Both the types are further classified into various other sub-types of email marketing that caters to different occasions.

Types of Email Marketing

Let’s discuss more in detail about such types of email marketing.

Engagement Emails

One of the first types of email marketing—engagement emails are about branding and engaging readers with storytelling. The scope of these emails is not to make direct sales. The main aim is to keep the readers interested and engaged withyour brand. When the right time comes and when the customer is receiving transactional emails (The other type of email which will be discussed further), he would have a great relationship built with you.

Here are the different types of engagement email marketing.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent when the customer subscribes to your email campaign and verifies the email address. This is usually the first contact of the business with their customers. Researchers say that Welcome Emails are more likely to be opened by customers than other emails.

Welcome Emails


Newsletters are sent to the customer on a weekly or monthly basis. It is sent to put your brand on top of customers’ minds. Newsletters are often used as a great tool for educating customers and nurturing relationships. Newsletters also require help from high-quality designers in order to make them visually appealing. Tools like Mailsend help businesses build newsletters with a drag and drop editor.

Informative or Educational Emails

These are mostly used in drip campaigns to educate customers about the product or service business is offering. The aim is to stimulate positive changes in readers’ lives so that they can build meaningful relationships with your brand

Customer Success Emails

Customer testimonials or customer stories are sent to show how the product or service helped existing customers and similarly how it can bring change into other potential customers’ lives. Sending customers testimonials also helps to build a community for the brand which proves immensely valuable.

Customer Success Emails

Brand Stories

Brand stories are usually sent as what the key people of your business like the C level executives think of the brand. Brand stories are kept personal to help customers connect and engage with the brand in an instant.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing emails are sent to your potential buyers regularly until they get converted. Lead nurturing emails are built carefully by studying buyer personas. It’s important to learn your potential buyers’ preferences to understand what type of content you can serve them to result in conversions.

Businesses send ebooks, webinar invitations, blog posts, coupons, offer discounts, and much more with these emails so that conversion rate improves.

Re-engagement Emails

It may happen sometimes that you miss out on various potential customers in your email campaign. To engage them back with your brand, a re-engagement email campaign is triggered. Reasons for missing out could be anything but it’s important to re-engage these customers.

Re-engagement Emails

Transactional Emails

Engagement emails are all about engaging people but transactions email is where all the action happens. The only objective for transactional emails is sale. It’s also essential to note that transactional emails are usually sent after a customer’s action due to their nature. Unlike engagement emails, which are sent on a pre-planned basis, transactional emails are sent, transactional email is a one-time activity which repeats after certain activities performed.

Promotional Emails

An offer is the best example of promotional emails. Time-specific offers are also part of promotional emails. These emails, which generate the fear of missing out, are essential to get the most out of your email campaign. Offers, discounts which are available only for a specific period of time are also the best examples of promotional emails.

Billing Emails

Whenever customers make purchases, the confirmation receipt should also go to the customer through an email. Billing or receipt emails are the emails where confirmation is sent to the customer. Billing emails can also include a promotion or coupon code that can be used while making the next purchase.

Billing Emails

Cart Abandonment Emails

Some customers add products in the cart but don’t make the actual purchase due to various reasons. They leave while the item stays in the cart. The email is sent for this action to encourage those customers to make the purchase.

Businesses can send emails with more information about the product that is in cart so that customers can finish their purchase.


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