CRM Integration

to import pre-existing customer lists

Create the most engaging E-Mail campaigns seamlessly using predetermined customer lists in your CRM

CRM Integration

Maximize Your Business Efficiency with CRM Integration

Segment and automate your email marketing lists to continously optimize your campaign resulting in higher conversions and ROI

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get complete picture of customers

Get Complete Picture of Customers

Make the best decisions based on the complete customer data available from the inception of them to the end journey using all the CRM tools integrated to your mailsend enabling you to convey the perfect messaging at all times.

better email roi analysis

Better Email ROI Analysis

Connect your CRM to your email to see how many sales each email generates and which emails have the highest conversion rates hence optimizing your email marketing strategy.

personalized messaging

Personalized Messaging

Send the most apt Emails with relevant and engaging content personalised to every user using the pre-determined lists and all the CRM data available in your integration tab.

setup triggers

Setup triggers

The journey from a prospect to a successful deal can be a difficult one, with many possible routes to take. You can use email to encourage your prospect to take the path you want them to at every crossroads.

How is CRM integration helpful?

CRM integration is helpful for email marketing in terms of tracking customer interactions and engagement, as well as managing customer data. This can help create more targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns, as well as improve customer retention rates.

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