email analytics software for campaign optimizaton and informed decision making

Email Analytics Software

For Better Campaign Optimizaton

Measure the performance of email marketing campaigns and implement changes to enhance further by using robust email analytics tools of Mailsend.

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Powerful Email Insights To Grow Your Business

All the features you need get the most out of your email marketing strategy and make smarter decisions to increase revenue.

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campaign reports

Campaign Reports

Monitor performance of your email campaigns and get deeper insights into when, where, and how your subscribers are interacting with your emails everything in real time. Track the progress and get results at one place.

form responses

Form Responses

Gain responses to your forms and measure how people are interacting with your surveys. Go deeper into responders preferences and use that information to enhance your marketing strategy.

visual assistance

Visual Assistance

See all form responses, drip campaigns data and much more in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Get a bird's-eye view to know the trend and make further actions accordingly.

customized reports

Customized Reports

Retrieve customized email reports according to the preferred time range, compare, and gain actionable conclusions to make fixes and enhance the campaign performance further.

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