Merge Fields

to personalize content for subscribers

Use merge fields feature to grab attention of your prospects. Save time by sending targeted campaigns based on merge fields in just a few clicks.

Merge Fields

Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns with Merge Fields

Send emails to your subscribers after personalizing them using merge fields. Analyze the behaviour of your subscribers to boost opens.

merge fields leave note
merge tags

Merge Tags

Use merge tags to insert dynamic and personalized content into the campaigns and send it to your audience.

set default merge tags

Set Default Merge Tags

Make sure to input default values for merge tags so that they display even if the contact profile doesn't have any existing data in the field.

personalize emails

Personalize Emails

Customize your emails using merge fields. Use them to include personalized content in your email templates and create editable and fully customizable email content for your subscribers.

tag and target

Tag and Target

Begin tagging your contacts and see the tags you use most often within the user dashboard which means you can begin sending targeted emails to these segments in only a couple of clicks.

What is Merge Fields Feature?

The merge fields feature is described as a placeholder that can be used in emails or letterhead, a mail merge design template customized formula, or link to integrate data from records. When you mail, this placeholder will be substituted with data in the records or the records of the recipients you're sending emails to.

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