Open Tracking

for real-time campaign tracking

Track click-through information in a more detailed manner with open tracking. Let yourself track customers' traffic and the revenue generated by multiple links in your emails.

Open Tracking

Get Accurate Data using Open Tracking

Track, manage, and optimize your email opening rate with advanced analytics and tracking.

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enable open tracking

Enable Open Tracking

Enable open tracking and track performance of emails in real-time. Analyze clicks rates and open rates of every email campaign.

save time

Save Time

Save time by using open tracking instead of multiple follow-ups even when your prospects haven’t opened the mails yet.

analyze clicks & opens

Analyze Clicks & Opens

Track and analyze details about email engagement, such as the time of message when it was opened, and the time when they were clicked.

conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

Track click-through data at a deeper level with open tracking. Allow yourself to track the customer traffic and revenues generated by multiple links within your emails.

What is Open Email Tracking?

Open tracking will tell you whether your contacts opened messages you email them. The report of your campaign will reveal the contacts who opened your campaign and how many open the campaign received. The concept behind an open email is pretty simple: the recipient receives your email in their inbox, and clicks on it to open the contents, and it is considered to be being an "open" in your report.

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