Drip Campaigns

to convert prospects into conversions

Turn your startup into a business that gets constant audience engagement. Run email marketing drip campaigns and let your voice be heard to your prospects, ultimately resulting in more conversions.

Drip Campaigns

Build Results-driven Drip Campaigns

Build power drip campaigns and get data-driven drip-specific reports. Optimize your campaigns to boost email opening rates and convert more leads into regular customers.

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powerful drip builder

Powerful Drip Builder

Using a drip builder is the most sophisticated email marketing strategy currently available that allows for the best possible engagement with customers.

drip campaign automation

Drip Campaign Automation

Set up an email drip campaign to send emails to your list automatically on a specified schedule.

drip-specific reports

Drip-specific Reports

Get campaign-specific reports to make data-driven decisions and optimize them accordingly for boosting open rates and engagement with email campaign software.

schedule your drips

Schedule Your Drips

Automate the campaign flow by defining the date and time. Another way of personalizing and managing the list of subscribers.

What are Email Drip Campaigns?

Drip email campaigns are created to send out an appropriate message to the right person at the appropriate moment. Because they're automated, they can be used to send promotional emails, sales pitches, greeting messages, birthday wishes, and purchase notifications to your prospects. They work while you concentrate on other aspects of your business.

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