"Pay-per-click” advertising is a type of advertising that is created and managed through Google AdWords. It works by displaying a sponsored ad alongside related Google search results. This makes PPC ads extremely relevant to the user since the ad shows when a user is looking for exactly that type of product or service.

Advertisers bid for a keyword or phrase that is likely to receive a high volume of searches. Google then displays relevant advertising to the keyword; this means effective PPC campaigns are highly targeted.

PPC adverts are effective for promoting products that are relevant to the search. This means that instead of investing in general advertising, you can reach out to people who are already interested in your products or services.

However, did you know that PPC marketing could also be extremely helpful to your email marketing campaign? Today, let's explore how!

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The Benefits of PPC

PPC advertising can help with an effective automated email, of course, be used to target high volumes of potential customers. However, you could also use it to target those who have already shown an interest in your products or services.

This means you can target the people who have already signed to your email lists. This means you can reach out to existing customers while promoting your products to potential customers who have never heard of you before.

All of this is way better than a general ad that isn’t even relevant to your product or service. This campaign targets people who are already signed up to an email list. In this case, the email list is for a site that sells health supplements and organic food.

If you’re signed up for an organic food email list or a health supplement list, you’ll probably be interested in getting more information on how to eat healthily or stay fit. In this case, the advertiser is offering a discount. The discount applies to a specific product. This could be a product that you’re already interested in buying.


How to Optimize Your Email Marketing with PPC

Pay Attention to Your Landing Pages

Since your PPC campaign will be linked to an email list, you must pay particular attention to your landing pages. Your potential customers will land on your landing page shortly after clicking on your PPC ad. If your landing page is poorly-designed and not optimized for conversion, you’ll lose a high volume of potential customers.

Luckily, the landing page of your PPC campaign should be the same as your email landing page. In other words, you should use the same email landing page for your PPC campaign. This will ensure that your landing page is optimized for conversion. This is because you’ve already tested it and know it’s converting well.

You could even optimize your email landing page further. You could use A/B testing to find out which design converts the best. You could also use dynamic fields to get more information on your potential customers (such as their location) and personalize your messaging.

Experiment with Your CTAs

Your call-to-action (CTA) is crucial to your email marketing campaign with a simple autoresponders installed the productivity is super charged. The CTA is the link that you should use to direct your potential customers to your landing page, and your landing page is a crucial component of your email marketing campaign.

With PPC, you can experiment with your CTAs in a way you couldn’t with a general ad. For example, you could use a discount on your PPC campaign to increase your conversion rate. You could also use different CTAs to target different types of customers. For example, you could use a different CTA to target your email list vs. a general audience.


Test Your Email Marketing Ideas Through PPC

You can also use PPC to test your entire email marketing campaign before launching it. Like a landing page, you can use your PPC campaign to test your email campaign.

As an example, you could use your PPC campaign to test out the following ideas:

Re-design your email newsletter: Use your PPC campaign to test your new email newsletter layout and design. Like a landing page, you could use your PPC campaign to test which email newsletter format converts better.

Use your PPC campaign to test your new email newsletter layout and design. Like a landing page, you could use your PPC campaign to test which email newsletter format converts better. Email subject line: The subject line of your email newsletter may be so vital that it could decide whether your email gets opened or not.

The Bottom Line

PPC is a highly effective method of targeting those who are already interested in you. This makes it a particularly effective method of promoting your email marketing campaign. Marketing is about creativity, and that includes combining different strategies and more!

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