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Amazon SES Integration for Mailsend

Mailsend is now available to all AWS Marketplace customers. It's never been easier to integrate and scale a single-solution for transactional and marketing email with a single AWS invoice.

quick integration

Quick Integration

With the Amazon SES console, you can setup email delivery in minutes. It also supports receiving emails, allowing you to interact with customers on a large scale.


Pay only for what you use on a per-use basis. There are no upfront fees, extensive pricing negotiations, increasing costs, or minimum charges. Furthermore, if you send from an Amazon EC2-hosted associate application, the first 62,000 emails you send per month are free.

effectively send emails

Effectively Send Emails

Email sending statistics, such as email delivery, bounces, and feedback loop results, can assist you determine how effective each email outreach was. Email open and click-through rates, for example, provide further information on how engaged your clients are with your emails.

Boost your Deliverability

To improve your deliverability, use the reputation dashboard, which contains account performance statistics and anti-spam feedback. You can choose from a variety of deployment choices, including shared, dedicated, and customer-owned IPs, to influence your sending reputation.

boost your deliverability

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