email subscribers management to streamline contact management

Email Subscribers Management

To Streamline Contact Management

Mailsend email subscriber management software makes it easy for you to create contact lists and use them later into your email marketing campaigns.

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Best Contact Management Software for Email Marketing

Everything you need to manage contacts and reach them with accurate penetration rate to increase engagement.

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create lists

Create Lists

Create a list of targeted contacts, who are closer to conversion in your marketing funnel. Create exclusive campaigns around them and serve what they need to increase open rates.

manage subscribers

Manage Subscribers

Make adding and saving contacts extremely easy with Mailsend contact management software. Add contact, assign tags, and much more to help you manage them the way you want.

add companies

Add Companies

Make the most of companies databases by adding companies and assigning contacts to them Get deeper insights into contacts and build stronger relationships.

custom fields & tags

Custom Fields & Tags

Make it easier to filter contacts by adding relevant tags so that you can find them easily whenever needed. Fill in more information about contacts and companies by adding custom fields and make your database powerful.

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