According to Statista, “the global e-mail marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is estimated to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027.”

Email is regarded as one of the least secured forms of communication. Unauthorized users and hackers can easily gain access to your email to steal your brand's identity, spy on important conversations, damage your online reputation, and all sorts of damages to your business organization. Everyone has to know how to secure your email when you're doing online business.

The reason why email is vulnerable to attack is that it is not a direct communication channel. When you send an email message, it passes through the internet service provider’s servers, the mail client's servers, and other third-party servers. And each server has access to your data and information so long it passes through them.

Another reason for the vulnerability of your email is that nowadays, your email is connected to almost every online activity, from signing up to making purchases to downloading applications. They all want you to drop your email address and receive login details or subscribe to their newsletters.

For business organizations that use their email for corporate communications and drip campaigns among business partners, share sensitive documents and information, and store confidential data, it is important to be very careful with your email communications. Several security measures should be put in place to protect your email.

For an email marketer whose email contains sensitive communication with their customers and leads, personal information of the customers, financial transaction details, it is also essential to find various ways to protect your email to keep unauthorized users and hackers away from your email and also not to discontinue your drip campaign.

For an email marketer, a drip campaign is an email strategy that involves a series of automated emails that have been arranged to be sent out to your leads and potential customers at specific dates and times. It is one of the tools of an email marketer, and for its success, your email has to be protected.

5 Proven Ways to Protect Your Email

1. Use strong password: To protect your email from unauthorized access and hackers, ensure that your email has a strong password. Your email password is the only way through which others can have access to your email without your approval; you, therefore, have to make it as strong as possible.

In setting up your email password, ensure the length of your email is long; short passwords are easy to predict or decode. You can also mix up the letter usage with numbers; a combination of the upper case and lowercase because the email password is case sensitive, so even if a hacker can guess your password, if they do not know which letter is in the upper or lowercase, they can not access your mailbox. You should also make use of special characters and symbols.

These are the ways to create a strong password.

2. Use two-factor authentication: The use of two-factor authentication in your email is important as an email marketer. Two-factor authentication simply means combining something you have with something that you know.

The two-factor authentication always requires you to provide a one-time password sent to your mobile device or another connected email alongside your email password when you want to log in to your mail. So when a hacker has access to your password, they still have to provide the other generated password.

Unless a hacker steals your phone or hacks it too, which is more difficult, they can practically do nothing with your email password alone. To set up two-factor authentication is easy; you will have to provide the phone number you will use to receive the One time password anytime you want to log in to your mail.

3. Encrypt your email: Encryption is one of the best ways to protect your email. Encrypting your mail makes it very difficult for unauthorized users to decode or decipher the content of your mail. In encrypting your mail, you will have to generate your public and private keys, which both the sender and receiver will have. These keys will be used in accessing the mail.

Email Encryption is a nightmare for hackers; no matter how much they try, they find it hard to decode the content of the mail. It is mostly used to prevent the stealing of sensitive information like financial activities, health records, legal documents, among others.

4. Create a culture of email security: As an email marketer with several clients and employees, it is important to keep your partners and employees abreast of the security breaches and vulnerability of email automation. Ensure to enlighten them and always remind them of the various ways in which their email communications can be compromised, and always be on the lookout for suspected signs.

There are some links and attachments which hackers use to gain access to your email automation, infect and crash the entire email. You should educate your employees and partners on identifying these links and attachments; if possible, they should avoid opening unsolicited links or attachments.

Most times, these hackers use unsuspecting individuals and play on their naivety to gain access to their email. To block all loopholes and avoid falling for these hackers and phishers, you have to create a strong culture of email security among your team and partners from whom you send and receive email messages.

5. Beware of public Wi-Fi: The use of wifi in public places is not advisable. Hackers often set up hotspots that have been compromised and allow them to have unlimited access to your device immediately after you join such wifi.

For some people, their devices have been set to join the nearest hotspot automatically, so most times; they are unaware that they are connected to a hotspot. This is how hackers get into their devices and access their email passwords, bank details, and passwords, and a host of other vital information available on their devices.

To protect your email from hackers and unauthorized users, an email marketer should ensure that their wifi connectivity is always switched off, do not allow it to connect to public wifi automatically, and ensure your company's hotspot has a password and distinct name so that your team members won't join the wrong hotspot connectivity.

Furthermore, there are several other ways to protect your email address from unauthorized users and hackers, asides from the ones mentioned above; it depends on what suits you as an email marketer and the ones you perceive to be the best.

Having discussed the ways to protect your email, it is necessary to highlight some email marketing software that an email marketer can use to protect their email and for email automation.

1. MailSend: MailSend is an email marketing software developed by 500apps that allows you to create beautifully designed and unique newsletters for your customers via their email addresses. It also allows you to manage and schedule your drip campaigns on a central dashboard.

List management, import subscribers, contact management, customer relationship management, centralized dashboard, drip campaign management, personalized emails, visual design, subscriber management, email analytics are some of the powerful features of MailSend.

For as low as $14.99, you have unlimited access to all these features and functionalities. You also have access to over 30 similar apps developed by 500apps that allows you to run a successful email marketing and drip campaign.


David Newman said, "Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable personal touches-at scale." This shows that Email communication is an essential form of communication in the 21st century.

The email has a large database and storage facility that allows you to retrieve all data, information and files that you have either sent or received via your email in the past. This makes it very important to keep it safe and protected at all times. The five ways highlighted above can be adopted by all to keep their email protected.

Also, there are several email marketing software that an email marketer should adopt in their email marketing and drip campaign to reach the right audience, generate leads and improve sales. The best among these email automation tools is MailSend with over 30,000 active users across the world.


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