WooCommerce currently ranks as one of the most productive eCommerce platforms for online transactions (especially sales of products). Moreover, eCommerce endeavors generally rely on very good marketing to succeed, and it is common knowledge that email-marketing is the most effective versatile concept of marketing to implement. Therefore, recording success and maximum productivity in an eCommerce-oriented business will require collecting audience and customer data, segmenting the audience, and developing the best content for the target audience.

Already establishing a business to base their online services on WooCommerce or planning to establish it based on that primarily requires a great email marketing strategy to handle marketing and advertising the product and or services available. This article will grab a concise understanding of the two concepts and then understand how both can combine to result in more success. Let's begin by brainstorming on why WooCommerce is the best option for online stores available.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce tool that businesses use on WordPress websites to make it function as an online store to sell products and services. However, the platform is designed specifically for eCommerce stores that use WordPress for their website. Using the platform, the brand owner takes full control of important activities going on in the business.

In addition to that, the platform tracks and records data of these activities and allows the user remote access to them. This is a necessity, especially for brands that employ eCommerce services for their activities. Installing WooCommerce plugins is among the first things to do if you use an eCommerce website to run your online store and want to maximize the profit generated.

Why Use WooCommerce for Your Online Store?

It is common knowledge that customers find online shopping more convenient than actually going to the markets. Lucy Peng, a successful Chinese businesswoman, rightly describes online shopping when she said," Online payment will continue to play an ever-growing and significant role in the development of e-commerce as well as the stimulation of consumer demand." Owing to this fact, digital retail platforms are a must-have for eCommerce-oriented businesses these days. Despite the gross impact it has on customer satisfaction, the functionality of an online store greatly depends on the features embedded in the online store's design and its accessibility on the eCommerce website.

Following that, building an online store has become a very important aspect of eCommerce and requires a lot of brainstorming to pull off successfully. Tackling this tricky task requires research and comparison on the various e-commerce sales platforms and the tools they offer to find and choose that uniquely suits your business's nature and your possible future expansions. In this regard, Woocommerce is best known for its versatility and the aesthetic features it offers.

There are a good number of eCommerce tools that can enable buying and selling in a business website - so why choose WooCommerce? WooCommerce is used more often due to the fact that its capabilities stretch beyond the primary transactional services. One of the superior capabilities possessed by WooCommerce is that it provides an extensive set of analytics displayed clearly and intuitively.

More reasons why WooCommerce is better to use is that it speeds up the transaction process and is free to use on WordPress websites. In addition, WooCommerce is used by many businesses because it can work with every size of business and can be used to market a vast range of products and services, which brings us to enumerating the important benefits of using the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store on your website. The underlying benefits of using the WooCommerce plugin to build an online store on your eCommerce website are:

  • I. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin designed to work with a widely used website manager, WordPress. This feature gives the business owner superior control over the online store and allows them to customize it to suit their unique preferences. Also, it is free to use on a WordPress website.

  • II. Owing to the big community of developers WooCommerce works with, the available range of plugins possess aesthetic tools features that can not be gotten from any other eCommerce online trading plugin. There is an already programmed plugin for technically any tool or feature you desire. Also, you can employ a WooCommerce service developer to build a plugin for you if you don't find one with the qualities you need.

  • III. WooCommerce plugin works for every WordPress theme; with this advantage, you can select any theme of your choice and still enjoy your online store without having to redesign your website to accommodate the plugin - even if you already operate a WordPress website, all you need do is to install the WooCommerce plugin, and it will serve on your old website.

  • IV. WooCommerce platforms require next-to-zero technical knowledge to set up and operate. Furthermore, it presents customers with an easy-to-use platform to browse through collections and place orders. Also, if you are stuck in any part of the installation process, you can find tutorial videos online to help you continue the process.

  • V. Using a WooCommerce sales platform, you can sell any kind of product and still advertise and receive payment for paid digital services you render. In addition to this versatility, there is an extreme layer of security added to the shopping experience.

All these unique features are made possible by the automation and data analytics tools possessed by the plugin. WooCommerce also helps in marketing products and services. It is influential in marketing content creation and SEO-related matters. In the same vein, due to its integration capabilities; the WooCommerce plugin works hand-in-hand with an email marketing software to maximize the conversion rate of email marketing campaigns in an eCommerce-oriented business.

How does WooCommerce Email Marketing Work?

Recent research has proven email marketing to be the most effective marketing technique for businesses (both online and offline business organizations). It was reported that, on average, every dollar invested in email marketing campaigns generates thirty-eight dollars in sales or customer engagement returns. This means that generally, these campaigns give an ROI of 3800%. Hence, it is cost-effective, and the engagement it generates can assist in directing new customers to patronize the company. This can be achieved through customer referrals if the products on display are actually high quality.

Any business in the bid to utilize this great technique and accrue revenue will perform even better if they employ the use of email marketing software for their email services. For businesses looking to or already use the WooCommerce plugin, an automated email marketing software like MailSend can help alleviate some advertisement-related stress for them as both the plugin and the email marketing software can integrate to share data and work together seamlessly.

You can explore an email validation tool using MailSend to prevent users from entering fake email addresses on your WooCommerce. Integrating both services adequately can help your business generate referrals efficiently because your marketing content is always accessible and links directly with your online store. This makes it easier for referee-customers to show their referrals all details about your products and services.

In addition to this, the data recording service rendered by this integration can help you track your customers' reactions to your products and services and their feelings towards these products. After every successful transaction, you can send confirmation emails asking for referrals or online surveys on customer experience and other feedback generation systems. Having all your data in one place is the best way to achieve all these.

How to Generate the Best Results from WooCommerce Email Marketing.

In order to effectively run marketing campaigns for your WooCommerce enabled business, you are primarily required to employ the services of a reliable email marketing software (such as MailSend), which gives room for integration with a WooCommerce platform. Some vital steps you have to take to guarantee success in your WooCommerce email marketing campaign are as follows:

  1. Customize the tools and personalize every detail; Excellent email marketing software solutions can utilize data recorded from past transactions to create targeted transactional emails. Make it personal. Personalizing your transaction confirmation emails to include feedback generating forms and calls for referrals has proven effective in most cases. Segmenting the customers based on the collated data also shows much-desired results.

  2. In business-related emails, the subject line is important as the reader's first impression depends on it. In advertisement emails sent to prospective and old customers, much thought should be given to the subject line as recent research suggests that it has the biggest impact on the mood of customers while reading the rest of the mail. On many occasions, customers decide whether or not to open the mail by merely reading the subject line. Always make the subject line short and easy to scan.

  3. Always apply automation and data analytics in your content creation. Email marketing software solutions can easily record data about transactions and implement it in the creation of content to be sent to each audience segment as will suit them. These email marketing software solutions are programmed to create relevant messages that are automatically sent at predesigned rates and time intervals.

  4. The Upsell and Cross-sell technique; involves sending promotional content to customers after every transaction, bringing their attention to other related products on display. Customer retention and referrals are the goals.


Condensing all that has been discussed, it can be culled out that WooCommerce is a recommendable eCommerce tool for creating online stores with which buying and selling all ranges of products and services is made possible. Also, email marketing is a powerful tool to bring more traffic to WooCommerce stores. When both strategies are integrated properly, the result of the eCommerce endeavor is usually beyond all expectations in positivity.

In addition to the data-driven decision making, which is made possible by applying both great techniques, the integration of both services can only be achieved using an outstanding email marketing software such as the 500apps MailSend, which possesses many other relevant automated features and tools to make the task a lot easier. For more information on MailSend, their product and services, visit the website.


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